The floor is lava!


Remember that game you played as a kid where someone would yell “the floor is lava!” and everyone would have to stand on tables or chairs and not touch the ground? And then you played it again as a young adult after a friend became a little… jovial and decided to yell “the floor is lava”? In my recent adventures the floor was in fact actually lava. We stood from a balcony overlooking a volcano with very distinct lava flow landscape all around it and thought “wouldn’t it be cool to walk on that lava flow!” And then we did.

After scaling said volcano at a ridiculously early time in the morning to watch the sunrise (absolutely worth it) we were taken to the volcanic lake by a local to go fishing. I’ve never managed to get into fishing, the idea of sitting and doing nothing while outside seems absurd when you could do something like hike or kayak but somehow sitting with a quaint bamboo fishing pole appealed to me. Unfortunately the aquatic plant life we used as bait didn’t appeal to fish. It turns out most fish are not herbivores so we did not catch the elusive herbivorous volcano fish.

And then, when everyone had had enough of fishing in direct, tropical sunlight which is no less uncomfortably hot in cooler mountain climates, we were taken to the lava land. Naturally, my geologist sister couldn’t contain her joy and I’m sure if no one was watching she would have rolled around in the volcano rocks and perhaps even made volcano rock angles. But the local and I were there so she didn’t. Other than the three of us and a brave group of lava chickens, though, the landscape was utterly deserted which added a post-apocalyptic element to the whole experience. And then D’mitry had his turn at frolicking amongst the lava rocks. It really did look like dinosaur habitat, or perhaps like D’mitry was the sole survivor of the comet which may have rendered dinosaurs extinct. Either way it would have made for an awesome photo however at the exact moment this photo was taken it started to rain. In my haste to put my camera away where it would be safe and dry I rushed the photo and ended up with some very average photography. You’ll have to excuse me on that one. The good news is that D’mitry managed to snuggle up in his little pocket of my camera case just in time before the downpour really started.


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