Monsoon and misadventures

For the first three days of my current adventure I was almost certain I would die a heat related death. I survived with several sweat soaked shirts and tan lines stronger than ever before. The shift in tropical climate from dry season to wet season is often characterized by intense and uncomfortable heat before the rain suddenly and abruptly arrives. Well, it would appear the wet season is upon us and by that I mean I was caught in the middle. D’mitry has a new home inside my camera case, the thick padded walls keeping him secure and dry while I struggled in ankle deep water with soaked sneakers and an umbrella that did very little to stop the down pour from saturating my shirt and shorts. Walking in the rain can at times feel quite liberating but, I assure you, it gets old quickly.

But it’s not all bad. The rain makes for good stories although not quite as good as the hidden hotel. We arrived in a small town at the foot of the mountains, believing we had a booked two nights in a local hotel. Upon arrival we discovered the hotel was actually an hour away but, not wanting to get caught up on false advertising, we booked a room at another hotel with plans to journey to the original one the next day. Fantastic idea except as it turns out no one knew where this hotel actually was. When it came time to embark we found ourselves on a two hour trip to a place that should have been only 20km away. On the plus side D’mitry did get to frolic in rice fields on the way and we did see some spectacular views so perhaps it was worth the detour. Then we saw a sign outside a broken, dilapidated building and suddenly we weren’t sure if our hotel still existed beyond a pile of bricks and rubble. It turns out the sign was on the opposite side of the road. We made our way down a long driveway in the middle of the jungle as the driver stated that this must be a hidden hotel. We drove past chickens who retreated into the jungle and a goat who stared placidly as it chewed hibiscus leaves. We decided to name that goat Schmoat although later found out her name was actually Dego.

We soon discovered there were no other guests at this remarkably luxurious although slightly run down and unheard of hotel. Our room turned out to be an entire house and we spent the afternoon checking out the deserted street and chasing the jungle chickens. So in the end we had a pleasant one night stay in the middle of the jungle with the jungle chickens, Dego/ Schmoat and some geckos who pooed on our table plus the unknown animal who kept making horrible shrieking noises. Thankfully that animal is not nocturnal.

Throughout this surprisingly well ending misadventure, D’mitry got up to some great activities, all of which were carefully documented in photos which I will be publishing as soon as I can connect SD card to iPad. Considering I no longer have access to an SD card converter don’t be too hopeful on seeing these pictures until I return home. Sorry.


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