Adventures and traveling light

D’mitry and I leave for our next big adventure in two days. I started packing ten minutes ago. For the first time I am attempting air travel with only carry on luggage considering this is a small two week trip to show my sister the sights of Indonesia. Let’s not get into her skewed ideas of outdoor adventure considering the fact that she thought mountain bike riding did not necessarily involve hills. Since learning the truth she has decided mountain bike riding is not for her. However she is well travelled and knows me well enough to understand that on this trip she will not sit still for a moment.

So why do I keep taking D’mitry to Indonesia? Well partly because I kept doing study courses over there but this time it’s purely for fun and any chance to practice speaking Indonesian considering I am supposed to be teaching it to children in the looming not too distant future.

D’mitry is already packed up in the pocket of my bag he is set to occupy for the next two weeks, all snug and comfortable and ready to face the flight in spacious luxury. I wish I was a tiny dinosaur. Keep checking in for updates about the trip, how much fun we are having, amusing tales of my endeavors on plane rides as well as how traveling with nothing but carry on turns out. I’m predicting the result will be a reluctance to have checked baggage ever again. Or a realisation that instead of leaving cumbersome luggage with airport staff I have to carry all my own stuff around like a peasant. We’ll see how this ends.


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