Playing with dirt: Deep down everyone wants to

D'mitry in the dirt

Firstly I’d like to draw attention to the fact that I am posting something for THE SECOND TIME IN ONE WEEK! That hasn’t happened for a very, very long time and it honestly doesn’t get much better than this. We are living the dream. But let’s talk about D’mitry.

Frolicking in the dirt is a fantastic past time. Why would little kids be so obsessed with mud pies if dirt wasn’t fantastic? Honestly, I do believe that, if given the chance, adults would be just as keen on mud pies as kids but some ridiculous concept of being “socially acceptable” and “acting your age” gets in the way. A shame, really. But when you’re a dinosaur, you’re almost expected to spend your time stomping about in the dirt. I know deep down my adult audience is jealous that D’mitry gets to have so much fun when real adults have to to adult things like go to work, write professionally fancy emails, complain about the cost of petrol and secretly watch cartoons with ice cream when no one is watching… I mean pay bills.

But adventures are the times when adults get to play in the dirt too and no one can tell you to grow up. If they try you can scream at them “You don’t have enough badges to train me!” and then laugh when they don’t understand your perfectly timed Pokemon reference.

This photo was taken some time ago on an awesome hiking adventure where D’mitry and I, naturally, got covered in dirt and relished every single moment. I then went home and watched my tan from the weekend wash off in the shower. The price you pay for outdoor adventures.


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