Things to do when you’re a tiny dinosaur

1. Chill out at home
When your home is a desk a night in can be he greatest thing ever because you get to frolick amongst various items of stationary. Who doesn’t love stationary? Nobody. That’s who.

2. March around, climb things and roar periodically
Being tiny means that regular-sized things are very much climbable. This creates countless opportunities to climb and therefore feel like you’re on top of the world, which in turn justifies a triumphant roar in a dinosaur fashion.

3. Show off those razor sharp teeth
D’mitry’s teeth are actually rather disappointing but that doesn’t make him any less of a ferocious T-rex. He’s as fearsome as they come.

4. Frighten lesser dinosaurs
Establish yourself as the alpha dinosaur. Unless you want to be friends with the lesser dinosaurs. Then you should be nice to them. But still show them who’s boss a little bit.

5. Go on fantastic adventures with Mon because she has the best adventures. Even if her blogging is getting slacker by the day. Seriously, it’s slacker than an overused jockstrap. But you still love us, admit it. And our adventures are spectacular.

Speaking of adventures, who’s keen for another grand adventure in a month or so? D’mitry is. Stay tuned.


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