Real winter, not just my desk altered in MS Paint.

I’ve given up apologising for my long absences. Deal with it. But despite my lack of posts D’mitry and I have in fact been up to some pretty great adventures, taking advantage of wintery, mountainous goodness. We went on three ski trips. Jealous? That’s right.

For a little background, I started skiing at 18 months. With both my parents in ski patrol it was inevitable. By the time I was a teenager I had joined the dark side and switched to snowboarding. It wasn’t until I began to join the alluring yet oh so overrated adult realm that I snuck back to skiing and discovered cross country skiing. It’s like hiking and skiing rolled into one, how did I not work this out earlier?? Perhaps one day I’ll share the story of my father in his prime winning a women’s cross country ski race on downhill skis but that is definitely a story for another day. I believe he was dressed as a woman at the time. A fitting accompaniment to his moustache.

So this year my winter adventures consisted of one snowboard trip, one ski trip and one cross country trip. That’s not a bad run (very subtle pun absolutely intended). D’mitry, as usual, had a view of the mountains from my pocket. Perhaps one day they will invent skis small enough for tint plastic dinosaurs although the real challenge will be engineering stocks to suit not only D’mitry’s small size but also his proportionally tiny T-rex arms. We live in hope.


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