Glow sticks and dinosaurs

It would be hard for me to top our last adventure. I mean going to the dentist is serious business. I don’t even have a picture to accompany this post. But despite the disappointment you’re all trying to withhold with trembling lips and watery eyes, I have to let you know that the past few weeks have been exceptionally exciting.

By “exceptionally exciting” I don’t mean as exciting as going abroad. Or as exciting as going hiking. I mean about as exciting as running at a party. Because that’s basically exactly what I did.

As you all know, photography in the dark is difficult. Photographing something in front of glow sticks is even harder. That is why D’mitry was not photographed at the fun run I participated in. We spent quite some time in the city as the sun began to set covering our bodies with glow sticks before waiting for darkness and running, watching the track light up with thousands of glow sticks. To make this even more exciting there was loud music playing throughout the entire event. So really it was exactly like a party, even down to dancing. Except we were also running. Dancing and running simultaneously whilst being covered in glow sticks. I’ll just let that image sink in for a moment. Now imagine a tiny T-rex doing that. You’re welcome.


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