We went hiking again


Standing on top of mountains makes you feel like some glorious ruler standing above your minions as they heed your every word. If I was really in that position I would also be saddled atop my noble giraffe while my subjects prepared a similar steed for D’mitry. Unfortunately I’m not a monarch. It’s a shame.

But I do frequently stand on mountains, so I suppose I’m halfway there. And D’mitry, naturally, accompanies me. We went hiking which was to be expected given my previous sentiments about strapping on a pack and walking to otherwise unreachable places. This time you get two photos, although none of them capture the mountain. I hope you realize the issue with trying to capture both the tiny dinosaur as well as the huge mountain he stands on in the one picture. I’d like to see you try.

I also went to the dentist this morning which I described to a friend as “my adventure to the dentist”. When you have me around, everything is an adventure. D’mitry didn’t accompany me on this particular journey though. I didn’t think many would be interested in photos of a tiny T-rex in a dentist chair.



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