Dinosaurs and snow

Dinosaurs and snow

Today I thought to myself “wow, it certainly has been quite some time since I last altered something in MS Paint until it resembled something slightly more awesome”. So I altered something in MS Paint until it resembled something slightly more awesome. Ingenuity. So as I sat on a couch with a computer and a roll of Fruit Tingles I expressed my undying love for the Winter Olympics through the creative arts of Paint.

Of all the places I’ve taken D’mitry I’ve never introduced him to snow which is quite unexpected seeing as I feel more at home in a white field of pristine winter sky poo than anywhere else in the world. Every childhood memory from winter I have somehow involved snow and even now as an adult I drain my bank account every opportunity I can to spend even just a few days in the wintery mountains. So why haven’t I taken D’mitry to the snowfields to share what is clearly an important kind of adventure for me? Well, it just hasn’t been able to happen yet. It will, trust me it will but in the mean time I used my MS Paint urge today to give D’mitry at least a taste of what is to come.

This may also be a result of post Winter Olympics withdrawal. It is without doubt the highlight of my four years (not just this year but every Winter Olympic year).

If you would like to take my artwork as a not so subtle hint of what is in store for future adventures be my guest, I’m sure it would have been on the agenda even if I hadn’t created this masterpiece but I know how much you’d like to feel special for figuring it out.


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