Scaling mountains


What is an adventure if not scaling mountains, crossing raging rivers and wrestling bears? We did the former. We scaled a mountain.

We hiked, scrambled and practically climbed over rocks and tree roots through jungle, cypress forest and grass land to one of the few places in Indonesia that actually gets cold. D’mitry and Brady loved it. But then again they weren’t the ones doing all the walking. Eight hours of steady hiking, 99% up, 1% down! took us to almost the top of Mt Rinjani and. Four hours of fearless downhill stumbling the next day found us back where we started. Sound pointless? There you are wrong. Some of the most spectacular views were had. For the first time ever I’m going to include a photo that doesn’t contain a dinosaur just because I think everyone needs to see this. It’s perhaps the second or third most awesome things I’ve seen.



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