Today is a very special day

Today is D’mitry’s birthday. We are celebrating two years since I found him cold and all alone in that squalid mud puddle. Let’s just take a moment to think how unfulfilled life would be right now if I’d never stopped to find out what the splodge of blue/grey/red was that I’d glimpsed out the corner of my eye. And how miserable D’mitry would have felt if he’d been left there to suffer or worse, picked up by someone who wouldn’t care for him as I do. He may never have even begun adventuring yet now here he is, being photographed doing exotic things abroad.

It almost doesn’t bear thinking about. Thankfully, D’mitry was in fact found by yours truly and is celebrating a very happy and pleasant birthday whilst enjoying his third grand adventure from exotic Padang.

So with my spirits very much lifted by the thought of sharing countless adventures in the future with everyone’s favourite dinosaur, may I be the first to wish D’mitry the happiest birthday ever.

Coming soon: D’mitry’s shenanigans in a tea farm.


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