Another friend!

You can never have too many friends. Since I introduced the concept of D’mitry’s friends, people have gone out of there way to show me all the small plastic dinosaurs (and on one occasion ceramic turtle) they have found over the years. The most recent addition to this collection of buddies was found a few days ago. One guy who will be inconspicuously named “Boyfriend” happened across this little guy when digging around in the dirt (there was a purpose for this digging around although if it were me you could correctly assume I had no purpose, I just like dirt).

Remember how excited I got when my sister showed me Stegosaurus of Success? Well imaging that excitement all over again because that’s how I felt at the discovery of a little dinosaur who would soon be given the name Brady.

It’s getting hard to keep track of all D’mitry’s friends, him being so popular and all. But here is a list of friends made:
The Headless Dinosaur
Stegosaurus of Success
Steg 2
And introducing Brady.



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