Where did we go?

Good question. If truth be told we didn’t go anywhere. We were too busy planning the next great adventure. I know you’re all hopelessly upset with me for not writing for oh so long and you may, in fact, wish to take to my face with a texta in the dark of the night in your quest for vengeance. But please don’t. My face doesn’t need a poorly drawn moustache. Or a well drawn one either, for that matter.

But before you get too angry I have spent my time on preparations instead of writing and it is these preparations that have made the next adventure possible. So really you should be thanking me. By making you sad now I’m investing in your future happiness. Because I care about the future you even if I tend to neglect present you. Future you will forgive me, I’m sure.

Almost everything is finalized. Flights are booked, courses are enrolled in and tripping around for fun just because we can is almost completely organized. We’re just waiting until November now. D’mitry is beside himself with excitement. Soon he’ll be having his picture taken doing interesting things abroad and we all know that is his favourite past time!

But what now? Will we really have to wait all that time until November before we hear from our favourite little dinosaur again? No.
How many times have I said (through various formats) that if you send me a topic request chances are I will write about it? I’ve lost count. But recently I had a request to kill off one of D’mitry’s friends. I was as horrified as all of you should be but eventually I bargained with the requestor (you know who you are, Daniel!) to exchange the awful decision of slaughtering a beloved friend for an epic showdown between D’mitry and Count Franklin. And trust me, it will be epic.

So don’t leave me just yet. I’m not done having adventures or being excited about mundane things. And D’mitry still has some fantastic stories to create.


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