My appreciation of the little things. Such as all the dinosaur pictures.

Until he met the headless dinosaur, Stegosaurus of Success and Brian, D’mitry didn’t really have any friends who were dinosaurs. Because of this I thought it was really important to show him pictures of his people in their truest form. And so I looked for memes because if you can’t find truth there where can you, honestly?

Take this, for example. Who could have known dinosaurs were such caring and considerate beings?


Or this one. I don’t even need words for this. Just let the picture speak for itself.


I couldn’t have shown D’mitry the ways of his kind if it weren’t for the caring people of Facebook. This is why I want more likers. They send me pictures. They’re like magic picture fairies who stealthily leave a picture or two in my message inbox on Facebook with a word or two and a silent longing for me to publish said picture.
D’mitry is eternally grateful.

Special thanks to Matt Sherlock Hyatt for finding today’s featured picture. Who knows, maybe your picture will be featured next time…..


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