An adventure

It’s been a while but here we are, back on the adventure band wagon and happier than ever. D’mitry and I recently returned from a hiking trip, feeling triumphant enough to scale mountains, climb waterfalls and wrestle bears. All three of those are really good ideas. Not to dampen this at all but we didn’t actually do any of those things on this trip.

Whilst I can’t claim I scaled a mountain, I did walk up a few with everything I needed from a house to a bed strapped to my back and D’mitry safely and lazily tucked away in my pocket. His loss. I’ve been hiking since I was very young and I can’t go more than a few months without planning the next trip. This, for D’mitry however, was a first and everything was a wonder. From the look of the fabric on the inside of my pocket to the beaches and mountains he was photographed on to the cunning wildlife that ripped a huge hole in the tent everything was amazing for D’mitry. I need to take him hiking more often.
There aren’t nearly as many photos as I would have liked and most are less than perfect as I couldn’t actually see my camera screen due to sun glare but I have a few gems and this is the one you get to share. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll post an unpublished photo from this trip on D’mitry’s Facebook page. You never know.



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