I have received a topic request. How exciting. In response to a photo of a dinosaur fearlessly battling it out with a cat, it has been decided that the domestic trials in D’mitry’s life should be brought to light. And these trials can be singled down to a cat named Cyril.

Whilst Cyril, unlike Count Franklin, is not an arch nemesis of D’mitry and doesn’t own a count cloak he is very much a cat and we should all know that cats, by nature, are all evil dicks (but not kittens). This is unfortunate because D’mitry is much smaller than a cat and so often ends up second best to Cyril. Thankfully, however, D’mitry hasn’t been eaten yet.

In theory, beating a ceramic turtle is easy. All D’mitry has to do is push him off a table (but he’s too nice. Also Count Franklin is extremely dangerous as previously highlighted). Cyril, on the other hand, is a much harder foe to defeat. Any suggestions? There is a comments box for a reason, you know.

At least life is more interesting for D’mitry than it has been recently, even if it seems to be turning him into a 90s video game protagonist with all this defeating foe after foe and whatnot.


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