Count Cloaks

We have well and truly established that the count cloak makes Count Franklin evil. I’m sure he would’t be very nice anyway but I’m convinced it’s the cloak that tips the scale from slightly unpleasant to malevolent evil. Of course, he doesn’t have to be wearing his cloak to be evil but the simple fact that he has one (regardless of who drew it) makes him evil. That and his hatred for D’mitry.

But the question remains how do we know owning a count cloak makes you evil? We have several pieces of evidence to prove that count cloaks make you evil. The first is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. The scene in which he is most evil he is sporting a count cloak.

Our second piece of evidence is the classic Count Dracula. He not only wears a count cloak but is accredited (according to me) with the naming of this style of cloak AND he is actually a count! Similarly, Count Dooku wears a count cloak and goes by the title of ‘count’. Both these evil characters further justify that count cloaks make you evil.

And what could be more evil than an evil witch? The evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, who later proves to be a witch, wears a count cloak. This not only supports the evil generation from count cloaks but also that this effect is not limited to men who are, according to western culture, the traditional wearers of count cloaks.

It is important to note, however, that not all cloaks make you evil. Some cloaks are good. Like the kind Frodo wears. Or Harry Potter although I think that’s more robes than cloaks. The strongest support I have for this claim is the Jedi. Both sides of the Force wear cloaks, thus proving the neutrality of regular cloaks, yet only Count Dooku wears the count cloak. Therefore, it is only a count cloak that can make you evil.

With evidence as firm as this, there is little doubt, if any, that the count cloak and, to some extent, the title of ‘count’ has transformed Count Franklin from a semi-harmless D’mitry the Dinosaur-hater to a full scale evil nemesis.


One thought on “Count Cloaks

  1. Hahahah this is fantastic!!!! I really think you captured the truth behind the cloak and counts!!!! Good form :p

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