Arch nemesis revealed

Arch nemesis revealed

More information about D’mitry’s arch nemesis has surfaced. We now know the magnitude of this adversary and, despite being a brittle ceramic turtle, the threat is very real. The name of this foe is Count Franklin.

He even has a count cloak. That is truly evil. (Disclaimer: I may or may not have drawn the count cloak. But I did so after finding out his name is Count Franklin and all counts have to wear count cloaks. Thus, my actions are justified.)

It seems D’mitry’s next adventure will be a quest to destory Count Franklin and his evil ways before D’mitry falls victim…


2 thoughts on “Arch nemesis revealed

    • There you are mistaken. I have put a lot of research into this enemy in the interests of protecting D’mitry. Learning Count Franklin’s name was the first priority. Perhaps he went by another name before donning his count cloak and becoming evil but that is in the past and, in the words of Pumba, “You gotta put your behind in your past”.

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