D’mitry’s arch nemesis

This is the most shocking discovery since the headless dinosaur was found. As difficult as this is to believe, D’mitry has a nemesis.

It all began a few months ago when a few friends of mine moved into a new house. I’m not sure of the exact details but what I am certain of is that one of them found a little ceramic turtle. At first there was excitement and unrestrained joy. I received a text message almost straight away informing me a new friend for D’mitry had been found and naturally I was excited too. But all that didn’t last. It wasn’t long before the turtle revealed his true colours and was condemned to go down in history as D’mitry’s arch nemesis.

But how did such a fate fall upon this little ceramic turtle? To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. All I know of this tale I have learned from text messages. After the initial message informing me of the turtle’s discovery, I was soon told he had become a nemesis, not a friend, and planned to melt D’mitry in a microwave. If it came to a battle, I would bet on D’mitry due to the brittle nature of ceramic turtles, especially when pushed off a high table onto a wooden floor, but this turtle’s threat has prompted me to keep D’mitry well away from that house, despite my frequent visiting, just in case. Where would we be in life if D’mitry was reduced to little more than a rapidly cooling puddle emiting toxic fumes? Being made of plastic has its disadvantages.

All I can do for now to keep D’mitry safe is learn as much as possible about his new nemesis. Pictures, names and information will be uncovered soon.


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