D’mitry the Dinosaur from the beginning.

No, this post is not about how I found D’mitry. That is what the “About” page is for. If you haven’t had a look at that you should. There is even a self portrait of me in there.

This post is about how I came to write, well, this post. It’s the story of this blog and its origins.

D’mitry and I became friends long before this blog was even thought about. Many an adventure was had without being documented for amusing recounts. A shame, really.

This is the point where some of you may think me deceiving. The reason for starting this blog was D’mitry’s Greatest Adventure Yet. Yes, I know the first few posts weren’t about that and I introduced the great adventure like it was just another addition to D’mitry’s spectacular life but in reality it is the reason I’m here typing. Believe it or not, this was intended to be a travel blog. The problem I faced was that travel blogs are boring. Of course, everyone wants to know what you’re up to because you’re on an adventure but after a while most people, including the writers, lose interest and go away. That, combined with my unquenchable desire to be different from everybody, led me to explore alternate ways of presenting a travel blog. And that is where D’mitry began to take centre stage. I already had some photos of D’mitry doing interesting things and then came sudden realization that he could do more interesting things…abroad!

And so D’mitry the Dinosaur-The Blog was created to accompany the adventures of D’mitry the Dinosaur. Isn’t that interesting? But the moment the blog was made was the moment I got carried away. If you look right back to the beginning, my first post was made in November 2012. Logically, that was the day this blog was born. However, if you do some further exploring you’ll note that the great adventure didn’t start until January 2013. When I finally decided to star D’mitry in my ‘travel blog’, I was so excited I created the blog straight away. Naturally, to get the ball rolling, I made a post as soon as the blog was set up. Not long after I made a new post. And then another one. Before long, I had developed something so much more than a mere travel blog. I had created the greatest adventure documentation on the planet. Even mundane, daily routines with D’mitry became exciting adventures that I desperately wanted to share. And so that is how you came to have to put up with me being excited about almost everything. Lucky you.

I promise to have some more adventure stories soon and less historical tales. After all, that is the purpose of this blog because we all know now that this is no travel blog.


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