D’mitry Lives!

I know what you’re all thinking. D’mitry and I must be dead.

After all, it has been well over a month since I last posted despite my promise to continue the adventures after returning home. And I almost failed you so, logically, you would have assumed I was dead. However, I’m here to tell you the fantastic news that I am in fact not dead and D’mitry too is very much alive.

The last month has seen me return to my tertiary studies because hey, becoming a teacher is going to do itself. It requires me to write essays and read long, tedious things and drink lots of coffee. This month has also seen me return to all two and a half of my jobs. That’s right, I have two and a half jobs. Because who needs spare time, honestly.

So why did I choose now to express this revelation that I am not dead? You’d like to think I was feeling guilty about leaving you out of the loop but in reality I’m trying to distract myself from the fact I have so much to do yet am incapable of achieving anything productive as my concentration span at the moment is comparable to a three year old with bubble wrap. Productivity is not working for me right now.

By now you’re all probably a little angry because this post has mostly been about me and not so much about D’mitry. Trust me, he’s not happy either. He’s been sitting on my desk in the sun for over a month wondering when his next adventure is going to start. I haven’t the heart to tell him I haven’t planned it yet. But after the last adventure we have a lot to live up to so this next adventure may take a lot of work. But have faith, it will happen.

In other words, please don’t give up on me just yet. I can’t emphasise enough just how much D’mitry and I are not dead.


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