A shocking discovery

D'mitry 2

Today I discovered something truly chilling.  Something that hit close to home for D’mity and me.  I discovered another tiny T-rex.  This wasn’t the chilling part; that was due to the sheer horror of this new T-rex’s mutilated body.

It all began as I was walking the short distance between my car and the building in which I work.  It was a rather hot day and so all the mud puddle that make me think so fondly of D’mitry had dried up into little more than dusty pot holes.  It was in one of these dusty pot holes that were once mud puddles that I made this horrific discovery. I caught a glimpse out the corner of my eye a little splodge of red amongst the brown dirt and, in much the same fashion that lead me to D’mitry, my curiosity got the better of me and I stooped down to see what the splodge was.  Initially I was gripped with excitement as I made out the figure of a dinosaur not unlike D’mitry and thought perhaps I had found one of his kind to be friends with him.  However this happy ending was never to be.  At that moment all the budding joy at finding a new tiny dinosaur was shattered when I saw this dinosaur had no head. 

I was a little distraught upon making this unpleasant discovery, mostly as D’mitry would never be able to become friends with the new T-rex.  It was much later that I began to wonder what if that had been D’mitry.  It almost doesn’t bear thinking about.  What if D’mitry had been subject to the torments this poor red dinosaur had to endure?  Would I be writing about the adventures of a headless dinosaur?  That would be horrible, partly because headless dinosaurs can’t really have adventures but also because D’mitry would have no head!

It’s safe to say D’mitry was quite shaken up by this not so pleasant adventure. Maybe one day we will find the missing head and then he can be at peace, knowing that another dinosaur is safe from the torments of uncaring people.  In the meantime all we can do is be thankful that I rescued D’mitry before he was subjected to a similar atrocity.


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