D’mitry’s first adventure

I can’t imagine what D’mitry’s life was like before I found him. Maybe he saved things from burning buildings with his tiny little T-rex arms but somehow that seems unlikely. He was probably some less than beloved little plastic toy that some child suddenly wanted to throw into a mud puddle in which case I rescued him from a life of misery and welcomed him with open arms into my life.

D’mitry’s first adventure took place only days after I found/rescued him from that squalid mud puddle. There was a tree which was soon to be cut down. D’mitry stood atop the lowest branch and roared (or, rather, I roared for him), demonstrating his opposition to the tree’s removal. Of course, tree removalists rarely listen to the protests of plastic dinosaurs, especially ones that are so tiny I’m sure the original packaging warned about choking hazards, so the tree was cut down and D’mitry was sad. However, despite a saddening end to his first adventure, D’mitry hasn’t been hindered from embarking on further adventures, constantly at my side or in my pocket, backpack, computer case or other small places.

Yes, there have been many adventures shared between D’mitry and myself and this is where you get to read all about them.


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